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Welcome to PLDB: a Programming Language Database!

PLDB is a comprehensive database of programming languages and their features. The focus is on programming languages, but the database also includes other languages and entities one degree away--from popular high level plain text formats to binary specifications and beyond.

PLDB is for two groups of people:

1. Programming language creators. PLDB is organized big data to help you create great new languages, and improve existing ones. When making design decisions, quickly look up what features other languages have tried. Benefit from the experiences of thousands that have built languages before you. If you are researching something and can't find what you need here, open an issue and explain what you need.

2. Programming language users. PLDB provides a data-driven view of the programming language universe, to demystify the world of programming languages for you, and provide sound strategic and tactical advice to help you in your projects and your career. If you have a question not answered by the data here, open an issue and explain what you need.


Want to get involved? Read more here.

Open source

All data and source code used to generate this site are on GitHub.

Web server

Information about our servers is available here.


This site is powered by information and software from so many people and organizations, a few of which are listed on the acknowledgements page.

Cloc Stats

Below are the cloc stats for the pldb repo as of 09/26/2022.

cd ..; cd ..; cloc --quiet --vcs git . --read-lang-def=code/clocLangs.txt v 1.90 T=1.05 s (4720.0 files/s, 158675.8 lines/s) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language files blank comment code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLDB 4728 21732 0 130808 TypeScript 28 1043 120 5674 Scroll 77 525 0 2584 Grammar 64 0 0 1480 JSON 6 0 0 755 JavaScript 5 34 21 390 Explorer 2 2 0 210 CSS 2 15 0 182 Markdown 5 48 0 90 Python 2 17 6 68 Bourne Shell 11 5 8 63 YAML 3 4 2 48 SVG 3 0 0 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUM: 4936 23425 157 142355 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

History came online 42 days ago. launched 29 days ago. PLDB began as an anonymous Jekyll blog on November 18, 2017. The blog was migrated to Scroll and the name changed from CodeLani to PLDB on June 27, 2022.

The site owes its existence to a kind (but firm) Internet commenter who told Breck Yunits to learn to research properly if he wanted to make his languages any good.


PLDB content is published to the public domain and you can use it freely. If needed, here are 3 options for citing PLDB:
Breck Yunits et al. (2022) - "PLDB: a Programming Language Database". Retrieved from: '' [Online Resource]
@article{pldb, author = {Breck Yunits et al.}, title = {PLDB: a Programming Language Database}, journal = {PLDB}, year = {2022}, note = {} }

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